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See How Easy it Can Be to Get Control Over Your Boot Collection

This 2-minute video will walk you through how easy it is to use Boot Butler and how much it can help you to organize your home. Watch it to gather ideas about how to use the modular design to match the space you have available in your closet.

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Inventor of Boot Butler Andy Elstein Demonstrates How to Use Our Patented Boot Racks

Here are a couple tips about the technique shown in this video:

  • With BOOTS FACING IN: Pull the overhanging hanger down a bit when inserting/removing boots – tilting the hanger above provides extra clearance to prevent the toes of the boots you’re moving from hitting the heals of the overhanging boots.
  • With BOOTS FACING OUT: Tilt the feet of the hanger up slightly to make it easier to slide the boots on/off; also note that you don’t need to remove the hanger.