Boot Butler Products

What size/height boots does Boot Butler work with?

Boot Butler works best with boots ranging from mid-calf up to about 1” over the knee (figure boots up to about 21″ tall) and works with shorter boots as well. For taller boots that extend mid-thigh, some users roll the top of the boot down a few inches so they fit easily on the rack.

How high does my closet garment rod need to be for Boot Butler?

Boot Butler’s 5-pair boot rack fits in most closets, as long as there is at least 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) of space below the closet rod. As a rule of thumb, if the garment rod is high enough to hang a long dress, then you can hang Boot Butler. Depending on the size your boots, you might be able to store your collection from a rod that’s as little as 5 feet off the floor (1.52 meters).

Boot Butler’s 3-pair boot rack can fit comfortably below standard double hanging closet rods with at least 3 feet 4 inches (1.02 meters) of space below the rods. So if your closet can hang a button down dress shirt, you can most likely hang our 3-pair boot rack.

Boot Butler is a modular design, so no matter the height of your garment rod, the 5-pair or 3-pair boot rack should fit. If your vertical closet space is still too short, simply remove the parts which are too long and start a second rack next to it.

Will Boot Butler work with any size boot?

Boot Butler storage racks work with most adult size boots and even most children’s sizes. Infant size shoes may not fit properly.

Can I store shoes on my Boot Butler?

Sure! Boot Butler will accept most shoe styles, but not all.

Can I connect 2 Boot Butlers together to store more boots?

Boot Butler is a completely modular system, which means you can join them together for more storage. The only difference between the 5-pair and 3-pair Boot Butler is the number of parts in the box.

However, if you buy two 3-pair boot organizers or a 5 and a 3-boot organizer, and want to hang them together as one vertical unit, you’ll need one extra ladder part in order to connect them together.

Naturally, the vertical height of you closet will determine if this is possible. Most closet garment rods are only high enough to hang 5 pair of boots and one must also consider the fully loaded weight of the boot rack. If your closet can definitely fit and support 6 or more pair, we’re happy to send a ladder part to you for free after you place your order. Simply send us an email and explain what you’d like to do and how many boots you’d like to hang. We’ll set you up with the additional ladder section and additional parts if necessary.

Can the garment rod in my closet safely support a 5-pair Boot Butler?

Naturally, without seeing the closet, we can’t guarantee this. But if your closet is made from quality materials and has sufficient vertical space, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you have any doubts, choose our 3-boot version.

Boot Care

How do I remove stains from suede boots?

Prep your boots with a quality stain repellent product made specifically for suede so that stains are easier to remove when they happen.

Stain removal

  • To remove stains from suede boots or shoes, you’ll need a brush specifically made for suede, with large soft bristles to scrape off as much of the stain and debris as you can from the surface. This generally works best for removal of dirt and dust.
  • Brush your boots in one direction only.
  • For oil and stubborn stains, try steaming the suede to open the pores for easier removal. Then lightly dampen a soft cloth with warm water and dab the stain. Dry with clean cloth when finished.
  • If stain still remains, try scrubbing again with suede brush.
  • If stain still persists, try scraping the surface of the suede gently with an emory board or nail file.
  • Some boot wearers recommend using a small amount of white vinegar and repeating the same process: Blot, dry, brush. Always be sure to dry your suede completely after you wet it, to prevent leaving water marks.
  • When cleaning a pair of footwear for the first time, we recommend doing a test on a small spot that’s not clearly visible to make sure your stain removal solution doesn’t leave a permanent mark.

How do I remove stains from leather boots?

  • Brush any dirt from your boot’s surface.
  • Mix warm water and dish soap. Wet a soft cloth lightly with the water/soap mixture and dab the stain on your boot.
  • Dampen a 2nd clean cloth with water. Wipe away soap on boot.
  • Once all soap is removed from the boot’s surface, dry as much as possible with a clean dry cloth. If water still remains, let your boots air dry. Do not place your boots under a hair dryer or other source of heat, as it can cause the leather to crack.

For oil stains on leather boots:

  • Place a pinch of cornstarch or baking soda directly on the stain.
  • Dampen a soft cloth with water and rub the cornstarch or baking soda into boot.
  • Let it sit overnight.
  • Scrape off the stain treatment the next morning with a brush. The cornstarch or baking soda should absorb most of the oil in the stain.

How do I replace the soles of my boots and/or shoes?

  • Even though cobblers may be hard to find these days, if there happens to be one in your town, take your shoes in and they’ll replace the soles for you. If you have gaping holes in the sole of your shoe or other major structural issues, sometimes it’s best to have a professional cobbler take care of it for you.
  • If the inner sole of your boot is damaged (the insole), buy insertable soles (be sure to remove the old ones carefully so you don’t rip the inside of your boot). Also be sure to pay attention to size and support when buying a new insole.
  • Replacing the soles of your boots is essential to prevent the heel of your boot from wearing down.

What can I use to waterproof my boots?

To waterproof your boots and/or shoes, use a waterproofing product that is suitable with your boots’ specific material (leather, suede, exotic leather, etc). There are a variety of waterproofing sprays, waxes, oils, and creams that you can use to waterproof your boots with directions usually included on specific terms of use. Multiple coats or applications may be necessary depending on the product to maintain waterproofing efficiency.

Can I waterproof suede boots?

Yes, you can waterproof suede boots. For suede, use a waterproofing spray. Make sure your boots are clean before spraying them. Use a soft brush with large bristles to brush off any dirt or debris. Once your boots are clean, spray the waterproofing product over the boot’s entire surface. Depending on the product, you may want to apply your boots with more than one coat of spray. Be sure the boots dry before spraying a second, third, or fourth coat.