Closet organization is not an easy skill to master, especially if you have a limited amount of space for a large amount of clothing and accessories. But closet storage doesn’t have to be difficult. We have plenty of tips and tricks that de-clutter your closet to make you and your wardrobe happy. 

Donate old clothes

Admit it, that shirt that’s been hanging in your closet for the past two years that you’ve worn a total of three times takes up valuable wardrobe realty. One great way to organize your closet is to get rid of the clothes you rarely ever wear or have no use for anymore.

This doesn’t mean you have to throw your clothes away – donate them to your local community drop offs. You may no longer enjoy your blue polka dot sweater, but someone else in need of clothing will.

Store clothes for the seasons

It’s a waste of space to have over sized wooly sweaters hanging in your closet when the forecast for the next 4 months is sunshine and warm weather. Stow clothes away that you know you’re not going to wear during particular seasons. To organize your closet, use clear storage containers that allow you to see what clothing is stored and stow them under your bed. Storing your clothes seasonally allows you to see your wardrobe more clearly. You’re not going to wear a wool sweater in July so why have it hanging in your closet?

Sort clothing into categories

When your wardrobe overwhelms you, one way to organize your closet is by hanging clothes according to their category. Separate your long sleeve blouses from your short sleeve tees. Hang your pants in one section, and your dresses in the next. This allows you to locate specific items of clothing in your closet easily. No more endlessly searching for that floral printed cotton tee, it’s hanging beside the rest of them!

Use hooks to hang your belts

When you roll up your belts and store them in your dresser drawers you not only damage their shape and material, you use up valuable drawer space. Organize your closet by hanging your belts using hooks. You can use temporary adhesive hooks that won’t damage your closet walls or you can purchase a belt hanger with hooks that stores your belts vertically.

Optimize your shoe storage

There’s nothing worse than your beloved boots and shoes sitting in a messy pile on the bottom of your closet floor. Not only is that messy pile wasting useful space, it’s damaging the shoes you love to wear. There are plenty of shoe storage products out there, but most of them aren’t optimized with closet space and the preservation of your boots in mind. Boot Butler is a great way to store your shoes and boots that takes up minimal closet space and protects them. It makes your boots easily visible and accessible and cleans up your messy closet floor. Keep your shoes and boots perfect and organize your closet with Boot Butler.

Store handbags on shelves

Neat and tidy handbag storage often seems impossible. From small clutches to large structured messenger bags, handbags aren’t always convenient to store. Placing your handbags on shelves will organize your closet and make them easy to see.

If you’re sick of that messy closet floor, and can’t stand the sight of your cluttered clothes, organize your closet with these tips and tricks in mind. An organized closet keeps you and your wardrobe happy. Closet storage doesn’t have to be so complicated.