Boot enthusiasts and collectors know that the care and maintenance of their boots make a real difference in how much they will be able to live out their passion for boots. Boot collectors are like any other kind of collector; they get satisfaction out of displaying, using, and caring for their collection. However, since boots are also items of clothing that are worn and not just displayed for effect, this kind of collection cannot be placed in a pretty glass case and left there to be admired periodically.

Professional organizers know that in order to get the most out of your boot collection, you should focus on three main goals: display, organization, and maintenance.

The first of these three goals, display, has perhaps the least amount of practical use, but often brings the most satisfaction to collectors. It is a pleasure for anyone to be able to see all of her collection in one place in the aesthetic arrangement.

Book collectors have their libraries. Car collectors have their temperature-controlled garages.
Why shouldn’t boot collectors have an equally attractive way to appreciate their treasures?

The custom shelving option

This is why shelving is such a popular option for boot and shoe aficionados. Cubbies, shoes, everything all lined up just so…what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, while shelving may be visually pleasing, it’s not very efficient. A considerable amount of space is wasted in this type of configuration – space that is difficult to use for any other purpose. This is especially true when you are working with boots of varying sizes.

Furthermore, this type of storage can lead to damage over time. Large boots packed into smaller spaces or slumped over in larger ones develop creases and crush marks. Boots left standing (as seen in the above photo) will not air our and will generate odors. Still, professional organizers recommend cubbies over standing boot racks which are problematic for even more reasons.

Most standing boot racks (other than the Boot Butler solo 😉 take up a lot of space.

They are also prone to collapse when they are bumped or nudged which makes placing or removing boots from hangers an anxiety-provoking experience. This kind of delicate organizational tool is even less of a solution than keeping boots lined up on the floor or strewn about.

Given the above problems with cubbies and standing rack organizational solutions, is there a way to meet the three goals mentioned above: display, organization, and maintenance? There is. Boot Butler has created a solution that simultaneously organizes, displays, and cares for boots, allowing them to air out and maintain their shape between wearings.

The hanging boot storage alternative

Boot collectors using the Boot Butler system have fast and easy access to their boots with no worries that the system will fall apart when touched or take up more closet space than necessary. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be installed by a professional, and it can be added onto as necessary for a very reasonable cost.

Boot Butler is an organizational system that professionals can recommend to a full range of clients as a way to both solve problems and provide a satisfying display of their boot collections, making it a game changer in the market of organizational tools and a life saver for boot lovers everywhere.