Spring is in the air, and boots are in season. There are new trends in the boot world that everyone is raving about, but if you’re looking to purchase any of these latest styles, you’ll want them to last longer than just one season. Proper boot care and storage is essential not only for the new boots you buy, but for the boots already in your closet. Here are the most-wanted boot trends for Spring and how to make them last.


What’s more fun than boots dipped in glitter? Wearing them! There are tons of glitter boots and booties being sold this season. Try Steve Madden’s stiletto glitter boots for ultimate glamour, or H&M’s ankle boots for a more casual appeal.


Lace up your feet with this latest trend. Celebrities like supermodel Ashley Graham are sporting this look on instagram. To find a pair of your own, try Free People’s western style or Nordstrom’s Jeffrey Campbell booties.


Combat boots aren’t only for the winter, they’re making a statement in spring looks too. DSW has a wide range of options for this latest trend. Whether you’re looking for a fun floral print or unique embroidered texture, Spring 2018 is the season to get them.


If you already own a pair of cowboy boots you’re in luck. If not, they’re trending this spring and there’s plenty of places you can find them. For an affordable option that looks expensive try Kohl’s, or if you’re willing to spend a bit more Nordstrom has a variety of options from white leather to traditional western.

Boot Care Tips

If you’re going to indulge in the latest boot trends for Spring you’ll want them to last longer than just one season. Here are some boot care tips to make sure the money you spend on your new boots doesn’t go to waste.

Closet storage

How you store your boots in your closet definitely affects how long they’ll last. If your boots are in a piled mess on your closet floor you’re not only damaging the material and the structure of your boot, you’re losing valuable closet storage space. Boot Butler is the first of its kind for boot storage. With patented technology and a clever design, Boot Butler lets you hang your boots in the ideal position for easy access, visibility, and safe-keeping.

Stain protector

We’ve all been there: Whether you spill your morning coffee or there’s a giant puddle of gray slush in front of your office entrance, it’s the worst when your brand new pair of boots are stained. Prevent the worst from happening, and make your boots stain resistant with a stain protector product.

Add an extra rubber sole

It’s great when your boots look good from the outside, but what about how they feel on the inside? To protect the soles of your boots and make them last longer, it’s a good idea to insert a thin rubber sole for an extra layer of protection.

Leather conditioner

If you own a pair of leather boots you’ll want to take good care of them. Conditioning your leather is essential to maintaining their moisture and overall appearance. Cracked leather makes your boots look old. To keep your leather boots looking new no matter how many times you’ve worn them or how long ago you bought them, condition them regularly with a moisturizing leather conditioner.

Spring is in session, and whether you’re looking to buy in on the latest trends or wondering how to make your current boots last another season, taking proper care of your boots, new or old, is essential.