With the Winter holidays (and the post-holiday sales extravaganza) upon us, it’s time to explore some fun and practical products that boot enthusiasts can put on their wish lists for Santa. We’ve listed 15 items that boot collectors would love to find in their Christmas stocking.
1. CedarFresh Shoe ReFresh Cedar Inserts   

These cotton pouches filled with 100% red cedar shavings will absorb any odor and moisture in your boots, making each new use feel fresh and clean. Of course, they aren’t for boots-only – splurge and treat all of your footwear, if you like. They’re great for use with athletic and casual footwear as well.

2. Leopard Print Boot with Fur Christmas Ornament Design

Does your Christmas tree feel empty without something boot related dangling from it? Decorate it with a variety of whimsical boot ornaments including this leopard-print, high-heeled boot topped with black marabou fur.  Fashionista-mas!

3. Woly Suede Cleaning Brush

If you do not already have a brush for your suede boots, shoes, purses, and hats, here’s the perfect one to try. This German-made brush is guaranteed to clean dust and smooth all types of suede leather, giving it a beautiful, velvety look. This holiday you can enjoy the gifts of previous holidays by revitalizing all of your suede with one tool.

4. SmartWool Women’s Jovian Stripe Sock

This quirky, colorful sock is made from soft Merino wool and features a cushioned sole, so you’ll be warm and comfy as you pad about your living room on Christmas morning. We don’t think these fun stripes should be covered up, but SmartWool products are great for keeping feet warm outside whatever the weather.

5. Ironlace Laces

Field tested in the most abusive environments on earth, Ironlaces will perform for life, lacing up tight and never stretching. They are stronger than steel and corrosion and chemical resistant. If your winter plans include exploring the outdoors, these are the laces
you need in your boots. 

6. Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Preservative

Enjoy the boots you find under your Christmas tree longer with this exceptional leather preservative. Applying Obenauf’s to your leather books will keep them safe from water, chemicals, and salts and help them resist damage like scuffing and cracking.

7. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner

Another fine maintenance product, Leather Honey is for returning your boots to the pristine condition when you’ve had a few too many adventures in them. It will make cleaning dirt, oil, and grime off of your boots a simple task and can also be used on furniture, leather apparel, and even auto interiors.

8. Woly Organic Waterproof, Water Repellent for Designer Leather and Suede Shoes, Handbags and Clothing

A great product for protecting both leather and suede, Woly Repellent is made with avocado oil and other natural ingredients. Solvent-free, this can be sprayed indoors on even your most delicate boots (and handbags and hats) without any fear of discoloration. If you’ve been good this year, perhaps Santa will leave both the repellent and the suede brush in your stocking.

9. Minuteman International Black Boot Jack Cricket

This quirky looking but sturdy boot jack cricket is great for removing snowy winter boots when your hands are cold and wet and you need to get inside already. Kids will get a “kick” out of kicking their boots off with the help of this little guy — which will help to keep your entranceway snow and dirt free.

10. Perri’s Boot Pulls with Wooden Handles

Here’s a way to ease the process of putting your boots on without throwing your back out. This boot pulls hook into the loop easily, and the handles are comfortable for a good grip and pull.  Buy a pair for Christmas for any boot lover in your life who struggles with arthritis. They will absolutely thank you for your thoughtfulness.

11. Women Lady Fashion Knee High Leg Socks

Turn some of your more functional boots funky with these versatile functional and stylish leg socks. You have multiple options for keeping the winter cold at bay. Use these as leg warmers, pull them down for a scrunch sock look, pull them up to thigh as leg warmer, or pull them over your shoe for a boot look.  One present, so many options!

12. MaxxDry SD Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer

No one enjoys wet boots, shoes or gloves, so make sure to include this MaxxDry dryer on your Christmas list. It quickly and safely dries boots and items of all materials, eliminates odors, bacteria, and mold, and lets you use your favorite boots more, all without any annoying motor noise.

13. ReviveX Leather Boot Care Kit


Get this boot care kit for any aspiring boot lovers on your Christmas list to encourage them to keep their treasures in great shape. This kit includes a cleaner, a waterproofer, a brush, and an applicator cloth.

14. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles ProFLEX

If you enjoy wearing your boots to explore the great outdoors or your job requires you to be in the cold for long periods of time, these heated insoles could save your toes from damage, including frostbite. Easily control the warmth of your feet via remote control. All outdoor holiday activities are now a go!

15. Boot Butler 5-Pair Boot Rack – Boot Organizer & Boot Shaper

Your boots’ perfect organizer and life extender, Boot Butler will help you organize your closet and keep your boots in great shape. This is a Christmas wish list must have for any boot lover.

If you still haven’t decided what you ask Santa for this holiday season, these suggestions should give you a good start, and if you’ve already completed your holiday shopping, January’s sales and deals lie ahead, so keep these ideas in mind for birthdays, other celebrations, or “It’s Wednesday” splurges.