People searching for options to store their boots in an organized, careful manner often come across the option of purchasing hanging boot clips to use within their closet storage system. On the surface, this seems like a reasonably priced option that’s simple to put together. Unfortunately, using hanging boot clips often create more problems than they solve for boot lovers and collectors. There are a number of downsides to this method of boot storage.

Boot clips can’t always take the weight

First, boot clips often can’t hold the weight of the boots themselves. There are different types of clips, but high-quality boots often have weight to them. Many boot clip users complain that their boots fall off the clips if nudged or bumped – or that boots do not remain on their clips at all. You can read it in the Amazon reviews or elsewhere under their product listings.

Obviously, if the boot clips you buy cannot handle the weight of your boots, this is not going to be much of a solution for you. You’ll be bending down, picking up the fallen boots, and re-attaching them repeatedly. Ugh!  Also, a number of different kinds of practical boots, including work boots, cowboy boots, and rain boots weigh more than a typical fashion boot. If hanging boot clips can’t handle the load of a regular boot, they certainly won’t be up to the task for heavier or sturdier boot options. It’s also difficult to know how tightly the boot clips you purchase will clamp your boots until you actually use them.

Other non-obvious problems with clamps

Another downside of using hanging boot clips is that they require users to clip and unclip their boots with every use. This takes time and care. Some hanging boot clips users complain that an accidental bump of one boot causes all of their boots to become dislodged and fall to the floor.

Boot clip storage systems hang boots vertically. This is not an efficient use of space. It leads to wasted space above or below the boots themselves. Even if you have tons of closet space, your boot storage system should provide an easy way to add to your boot collection without limiting your wardrobe options.

If you look at that picture, you see five pairs of boots taking up an entire closet rod. Finally and importantly, many boot clip users complain of the damage that using the clips does to their boots. The clips themselves can leave imprints on boot leather or cause even greater damage, including scuffing, stretching, or tearing, when used with boots made of more delicate materials such as snakeskin or suede boots.

The tighter the clamps are, the more securely they hold the boots — but they’re also that much more likely to harm them because of the scuffing issue. Additionally, hanging boots on clips doesn’t allow them to air out properly. Moisture trapped in closed boots leads to mold and bacteria which causes them to smell and otherwise deteriorate.

The last thing someone looking to store and maintain her collection of boots wants is for the organizational method she chooses to contribute to their deterioration. This is why it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons of any boot storage method to determine its likely performance as a storage solution – before you buy it and hang it up.