Fresch Style, a consultancy located in NYC that helps people make their wardrobes chicer, also operates a second-hand clothing store that benefits charity. While you might be thinking that that sounds like an online version of Good Will, it’s much more high-end than that.

Beautiful items like this wool Givenchy jacket, usually costing $3,700, are just $595. How it works is that Jessie Freschl and the other people who work for her company around helping some of the most fashionable people in the world keep their wardrobe circulating. She also mixes up and matches up ‘look of the week‘ selections both on her store and from around the web, complete with accessories and layers. If you feel like your style is stuck in a rut, head on over to her site and refresh your wardrobe.

You can find a lot of great deals on brand-name accessories in particular — no need to go out and buy a counterfeit handbag from a shady peddler. This Fendi clutch is just $90 — until someone else picks it up. The best part about it is that the proceeds of the store go to charity — which means you can shop chic without feeling guilty about it afterward.