5 Pair Hanging Boot Rack

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Our Hanging Boot Rack stores your boots, protects their shape and saves serious closet space.

  • Holds 5-pairs of boots
  • Works great with all kinds of boots from ankle to knee height
  • 5-year warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
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Boot Butler. At your service.

The Boot Butler Hanging Boot Rack stores 5-pair of boots or shoes. Keep your boots organized in your closet and keep them looking brand new! Its patent-pending modular design and solid construction stores 5-pair of your favorite boots, protecting their shape and keeping them organized.

The 5-pair Hanging Boot Rack is easy to set up, with no tools or hardware required. Just snap the hanger and chrome hook into place, hang it up and start using. Proper boot storage, care, and organization in less than five minutes.

Cater to your style (and closet).

Boot Butler Hanging Boot Rack works with almost any type of closet configuration. Point toes in (toward the back of the closet) or out (toward you) depending upon your closet space or preference. And store boots of nearly any kind: cowboy boots, work boots, riding boots, fashion boots, rain boots, winter boots, high heeled boots and more.

A Hanging Boot Rack Keeps boots perfect.

Whether for work, play or a night on the town, a nice pair of boots represents a significant investment, especially if you have a large collection or own multiple pairs of the same kind, like cowboy boots. Without a proper storage solution, a fair number of boots will end up in a pile on your closet floor. Not the best environment for common boot materials such as leather or suede. Boot Butler Hanging Boot Rack helps you avoid the creasing, scuffing and tearing that can happen in those messy mounds.

Keep boots organized.

But it’s not just damage and wear. A cluttered pile of boots can make finding the right pair a chore. And if you’re in a hurry, you want to be able to grab what you need and go. Boot Butler Hanging Boot Rack addresses these issues and more by properly storing your boots where they belong: off the floor on a custom-designed, modular hanging boot rack. Now, you can keep your boots looking brand new while keeping your closet organized.

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5-Pair Hanging Boot Rack Dimensions
Assembled fully loaded, with boots *: 7″ to 9″ W x 60″ to 64″ H x 19″ to 21″ D
* PLEASE NOTE: Fully loaded dimensions will vary depending on the size, weight and style of the boots being stored; these ranges should cover most situations, but there may be some exceptions.

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Additional information

Weight 5.6 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 6.75 × 8.75 in

26 reviews for 5 Pair Hanging Boot Rack

  1. Beatriz G. Hayes

    This is the best thing since sliced bread! I must admit that I had my doubts but I was desperate to find something to get my boots off the floor and standing up straight. First of all the package came very promptly – it only took a few days. It was extremely easy to put together and I was able to get 4 pair of my boots hung in my closet so that they are shaped and protected. This is a very simple design that gives you so much bang for the buck. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it hangs low in my closet so I could not get the last pair of boots hung because they would be scraping the floor. The rod in my closet is hung a bit low, so take that into consideration. Other than that I would buy another one, in fact, I plan to buy the smaller one that holds 3 pairs of boots. You won’t go wrong with this. It’s the only thing on the market that will store your boots perfectly so that they look new everytime you wear them.

    Beatriz Golden-Hayes

  2. Erin A McAleer

    Boot butler is FANTASTIC. Easy to assemble. High quality. The first real solution to to organizing and storing boots. So glad I was tipped off to try it!

  3. Joanne

    I LOVE the boot rack, its just what I needed to
    keep them organized…..great job!

  4. RMG

    I assembled my boot butler yesterday and hung it in my closet. I put 5 prs of boots on it and it is working perfectly! I love it! I had my boots in boot boxes in a stack on the floor in the corner, making it difficult to get to them. Now, they are easily accessed! The product is of good quality and easy to assemble.

  5. AC

    Due to limited closet space and an addiction to boots, I had to find a space saving way to store all my boots. I keep my shoes/boots in their original boxes to keep them protected/organized, but the boxes take up a ton of space and tend to collapse over time. With the Boot Butler, I don’t have to rummage through boxes anymore. (which was a pain if the pair you want to wear is on the bottom of a pile of 10 boxes, you have to take all the boxes off the top just to get to the one pair). I was so tired of wrestling with my boots, boxes, messy closets, etc. With the Boot Butler, I just open the closet door and there are my boots nicely hanging in plain view. The boots will also keep their shape much better with the Butler. Now all my boots are very organized. I have so many boots, some get forgotten if they get pushed to the bottom of the box pile. With the Butler, they’re exposed no forgetting what’s in the box.

  6. Shelley

    WOW! I just received it and set it up! I love it! Do you need a sales woman? I’m going to go purchase another right now! Beautiful presentation all the way around! Easy to install! Perfect for the boot lover in your family!

  7. Christie Gehman

    So happy to have found this product. That wasn’t me on the infomercial but it could have been! Got enough for 5 pairs but will probably buy more because I LOVE boots!

  8. Jessica C “Jessica C”

    My closest has never been so organized. I love that I can see my boots easier now.

    This is the best invention!! Love my Boot Butler. Everyone should have it!!

  9. Weberly

    I am very pleased with this Boot Butler product. It was clear to see that the product was packaged with care. It took me no more than 15 minutes to assemble and install including boots. This is not a flimsy plastic product, it should last a very long time. Having this will make a huge difference in eliminating the clutter on my closet floor.

  10. Tia

    I just finished installing my new Boot Butler. I absolutely love, love, love it! It is handy and compact. Just what I needed to make my closet nice and neat!

  11. Kathy C

    After recently remodeling my master bedroom and closet space, I really wanted to get organized and stay organized. Summer shoes are easy, flip flops, sandals, etc.. But when it comes to my winter boots, that took a bit more thought. After seeing the Boot Butler in a closet at a Design Home in Philadelpha, I knew this was the answer!! I purchased several Boot Butlers and currently have two hanging racks with six pairs of boots on each. This takes up very little space and I can see all of my boots so easily. Boot Butler is very easy to assemble, add to or limit size. My boots aren’t laying all over the floor, not getting all dusty, and because they’re so easy to get to, I’m not wearing the same two pairs all winter. Boot Butler is fabululous and the perfect answer to storing your boots, high and low styles!!!!

  12. DS

    I absolutely love it! No more searching through boxes for the pair that I want! Saves me a lot of time!

  13. janet

    I needed something for my boots besides boxes and this works. Easy to put together and I can see each boot. No more digging thru boxes!

  14. Margaret

    I love my boot butlers- so grateful to finally find a organizer that needs little space, you can see your beautiful boots and is easy to set up. I haven’t looked at your full product line yet and hope you have a boot butler for shorter boots like Doc Marten ankle highs. Thanks for the excellent product – Margaret

  15. BE

    I have been using this product for a few months and have found that I get much more use out of my boots since they are easily accessible. When I first purchased it I was a little skeptical of the price, but it has ended up being well worth the investment. It still looks like new after months of heavy use. It is sturdy and well designed and works with a variety boot styles. I plan on getting another one to accommodate my expanding boot collection and have already recommended it to many friends.

  16. Margaret

    The boot butler is very easy to assemble and takes up very little space in the closet. Which is exactly what I needed.

  17. Nancy

    I ordered the three bootbutler and am considering one more. My husband even wants one! Helps with organization and protects my boot investment.

    This is a great solution to a long time problem!

  18. Carol

    My closet was a mess of boot boxers until I got the boot butler…..I love it!
    Customer service is A#1 as well

  19. Christine

    Works well can actually be separated into two side by side racks with three boots on one and two on the other if you don’t have a 5ft high closet space for it.

  20. Rick B

    Great product. Easy to put together, holds all my cowboy boots. I have an unusual closet space and it was no problem fitting the boot butler there. I recommend this product to anyone organizing there boot space. Fabulous! Met all expectations!

  21. Marty McCllelllan

    Love your Boot Butlers! A bit pricey but inasmuch as this is the 5th set I’ve purchased I would and have recommended them to friends! I like being able to protect the investment in my boots as well as being able to find the ones I need at a glance!

  22. Mary

    This is a great product and I’m very happy I found it. No more stepping on boots that fall all over the closet floor. I hung mine side-by-side and Andrew VERY KINDLY sent me an additional rack so I can store six pairs of boots! I will be purchasing again for my daughter and husband. Customer service was incredibly fast. Highly recommend.

  23. Audra

    I feel so much more organized. You really did an exceptional job coming up with this. Congrats!

  24. Best Boot Storage Solution EVER

    My fiance loves boots and looks incredible in them, so we are always getting new pairs. With such a large collection, finding ways to.store them in a way that always allows for easy visibility and access has always been a challenge. No more skirt hangers, kitchen clips, pool noodles, inflatable inserts and gimmick racks and shelves. We now have four Boot Butlers and want to get two more, and for the first time, the collection is safe, organized and accessible!!!!
    It may seem a bit expensive, but foe a solution that WORKS and is so well manufactured, it’s worth every penny!!!!

  25. Lisa

    This is so great! I love love love the Boot Butler, it is everything it advertised and as a matter of fact, I am buying a second one now. I highly recommend it!

  26. John Lindquist

    GOLD. Assembled both of mine yesterday and I am LOVING both how they work and how they LOOK! Well done Andy. GREAT idea.

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