You open your closet, and there all of your boots are: they’re piled together on the floor in a jumble. Your winter boots, your hiking boots, your cowboy boots, as well as those gorgeous Frye riding boots you splurged on last winter after falling in love with them at first sight. They’re all flung together in a pile.

You meant to take better care of them. You want to take better care of them. But you’re always in a rush coming home. Organizing piles of boots aren’t how you want to end your day. All of the organizational things you’ve tried just haven’t worked.  The cycle of organizing your boots is, by now, very familiar. In an energetic moment one weekend you pulled them all out, sorted them, put the best of them into boxes, and paired the rest of them in a line at the back of your closet. You vacuumed the floor, resolving never to let this mess happen again.

Never again.
And you started off so great, putting them back in their places as soon as you took them off in the evening. But then you got busy. You couldn’t find that pair of boots that would go so well with your new black dress, so you had to dig through the boxes a bit, and you never did get all of your boots organized again. The messy pile is back. The closet is, frankly, an embarrassment by now. You don’t want your mother to see it. You don’t want your friends to see it. You don’t want to see it.

And the worst thing is, your poor boots are not doing well. You have great boots, but now some of them are scuffed or scratched. When you pulled on your crumpled suede boots yesterday, there was a nest of cat hair at the bottom of one of them. Cat hair! You know how much you paid for those boots, and you know how much you love them. They deserve better treatment than this. In your mind, you have a vision for how you’d like your closet to look, and it doesn’t involve dirt, cat hair, mildew, road salt, strange smells, a random assortment of slowly disintegrating cardboard boxes, or a pile of jumbled leather.

Instead, it’s clean and well organized. You can see your boot collection at a glance, enjoy it, and maintain it. You don’t need to scramble through boxes or dig way in the back on your knees to find the perfect pair of boots to complement your outfit because when you slide open your closet door, everything is right there, where it should be.

If only there were a simple way to keep your boots nice, clean, unscuffed, organized and visible. You’ve tried hanging your boots up, but the little clamps left ugly indentations on the sides of them, took up precious closet space. Most of your boots slipped off the hangers eventually anyway – and wound up back on the floor, right back where you didn’t want them.

There is a solution to your boot problem:
Boot Butler. Boot Butler hangs up and displays boots without using damaging boot clamps.  It not only stores boots and makes them fully visible: it also cradles your boots from the inside so they retain their natural shape so that they do not get flattened, crushed, or crumpled. Boot Butler’s modular design suspends each pair of boots individually and can be configured according to any space constraints and boot collection.

If you are ready to take responsible care of your boot collection and have a better organized, more inviting closet – the kind of closet your mother would love to see and your friends would covet – check out Boot Butler at our website or on It’s a game changer for boot collectors and disorganized fashionistas everywhere.

Winter is coming. Is your boot collection ready? Are you?